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Board Member Information

Board Member Information

Chairman - David and Celeste Moores- [email protected]

The Chairman oversees the day-to-day operations of the NHEA board, events, and NHEA body.


Vice Chairman - David and Melanie Baze - [email protected]

The Vice Chairman assists the Chairman in their duties.  They specifically focus on High School enrichment such as Graduation, Senior Ring Ceremony, and Student Council.


Secretary - Paul and Heather Labit - [email protected]

The Secretary records all information regarding NHEA Board Meetings making them the primary source of essential information for the NHEA body.


Treasurer - Jeremy and Joice Holden - [email protected]

The Treasurer maintains and balances the NHEA financial accounts. 


Member-At-Large -Matthew and Kristy Ricau - [email protected]

The Member-At-Large position maintains a focus on family support for NHEA.  Mom activities and encouragement such as Mentor Moms are designed and implemented. 


Activities Coordinator- Josh and Jena Norris [email protected]

The Activities Coordinator acts as the liaison between the field trip coordinators and the board.  Field trips include any trip a member wants to prepare and plan that is approved by the activities coordinator.


Academic Events Coordinator - Adam and Sherri Barrois - [email protected]

The Academic Events coordinator acts as a liaison between event coordinators and the board.  The academic events possible include Physical Education, Year Book Portrait sittings, Year Book, Family Camp Out, Field Day, Achievement Testing, and NHEA Clubs.



You are essential to the health and function of our support group.  Everything we do is coordinated, staffed, and run by many volunteers serving the group.  There are numerous ways you can fulfill your volunteer commitment to NHEA and if you need help finding that spot just ask any Board member above.  We look forward to an encouraging year together.