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Louisiana College Information

Louisiana College Information and websites

Specific College Info regarding GED, ACT or SAT (These requirements can change.  Be sure to check with the university your student plans to attend each year for admission requirements)

1.  LSU and UNO require ACT only

2.  Tulane requires SAT II tests for Home schoolers

3.  Louisiana College requires the GED for home schoolers who do not have a composite ACT score of 20 or higher (NOTE about CHRISTIAN COLLEGES:  Most require an interview--be sure that you are prepared fo it.)

4.  Loyola:  "If a student will have a transcript and ACT/SAT scores, then we do not require the GED.  If the student does not have these items then we do require a GED."

5.  SLU:  As long as it was state approved home study program, just need ACT min. 23.  For ACT scores 24 and higher, transcript required for scholarship awards.

Find out more at these college websites:

Louisiana Culinary Institute: https://www.lci.edu/

Louisiana College:      http://www.lacollege.edu/

Louisiana State University:  http://www.lsu.edu/

Tulane University:  http://tulane.edu/

Southeastern Louisiana Univ: http://www.selu.edu/ 

Louisiana Tech:  http://www.latech.edu/

Delgado Community College:  http://www.dcc.edu/     

University of New Orleans: http://admissions.uno.edu/  

Loyola University: http://www.loyno.edu/ 

University of Southern Mississippi: http://www.usm.edu/admissions

University of Louisiana at Lafayette:  http://louisiana.edu/